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Hello, my name is Mason. I am a boy somewhere in the world who likes to draw stuff. Apparently I'm a furry, but I don't like most adult stuff at all and feel like the att.raction to certain body parts is a bit primitive nature. Maybe as I grew up my mind rejected it, maybe I just don't feel att.racted to anything. I pretty much just like the concept of transforming, being stuff I'm not. I suppose I like anthropomorphic animals then because they can still do all the stuff humans can do, and yet still not be human. Also, I seem to like full body inflation for this reason too, but not on humans, which is strange, because that seems to take away anything I could do at all. Being inflated = your captured and can't move yourself... I guess in my imagination I just like the way that would feel if I was an anthropomorphic animal, but really, I'm not entirely sure why I'm like that either. I practice lucid dreaming in the hope I can transform in one of them, because I know it's possible, I've done it before, I just want to actually COMPLETE a transformation sometime.

Feel free to ask me questions on my flipnotes :)