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I haven't redone this in awhile...ok lets get started

Hi im Miya, im 13, Im a girl, my (Main) OC is a cat, and yes my name irl is Miya

I've been on Hatena for 3 years, and as soon as my DsiXL breaks, or when I finish my comic, Kamikaze, Im leaving for good (Don't worry this means im leaving in like 8 months -_-)

I love meeting new people and seeing my characters drawn in different art styles. I have a shiny pet Iron Man from the Avengers -w- (Not really but I called being Iron he's mine e-e)

Apparently people don't like my animations because they don't get much attention...oh im a pessimist also

Im extremely lazy, and the emotion I feel most often is apathy (I just feel like...bleh)

Thats about it :p

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