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Im back again from my long, long break! Its been 3 months since I last sent a flipnote. But don't worry fans I will start sending flipnotes in no time, but I lost my dsi sd card so I gotta start all over...remake the hatena vs darksiders logo and problem-be the whole series!.....oh well I guess....New flipnotes coming soon.


Hey,im Marcel T. Chambers/$MDOT$.I play football,make my own comics and im a gamer. I join "Flipnote Hatena" so I can bring my drawings to life. I hope you guys like my flips so far, because I enjoy YOURS!! I finally got to send my new series, " STUPID SMASH BROS" it took forever to send, and thank you fans and members for all your surport!!

COMING SOON TO HATENA - Hatena vs Darksiders ( this YEAR )

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I luv CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Mdot