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I pick hatena bc, I want to show how I draw and the things that happen next well I love u guys, firends, fans. Everytime I draw I feel the emotions. I crea8t <--- lol sad stories. I am goth, but some goth ppl dont wear black all the time, bc they want to be normal. Here I show u i can wright sad stories

The wolf Cry

A wolf kindom was born with love. The wolves were happy. A wolf named Gracey was in love with the strong worrior names Hunter. He was brave.

One night Gracey came to Hunter at talk to him. five years later they have a beautiful daughter name Lightmoon. she was an angel form ubove. Wing white as snow fur was true white no scars.

There was a bad war Hunter had to leave it was ANGELS VS DEMONS.

That was the last time Lightmoon saw her father. A few mounths later wen Lightmoon was 16 her mother died. suddenly Lightmoons fur was turning darker. She was scared, wen she opened her wings they were black. From behind a demon with dragon wings swooped and screach her on the muzzle. Every night she howls to the moon singing, talking to the moon all night. Her name has changed its now Darkmoon and shes a darkangel princess.

,<,/,3, <- brokenheart w/blood dripping

* * *

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See XD did I make u cry? tell me if u did on comments any flips I posted Thx