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Hey, I'm Melissa... Call me Meesa. I have a strange sense of humor. I like dancing. I am what you would call a "hippie". Don't do drugs. Stay in school. Eat your spinach.

I don't like stealing. Don't steal flipnotes, people. Creators leave flipnotes unlocked so people can change things and have fun with the flipnotes, not so others can re-post them and claim credit.

I am also a motivator. I will encourage people to do things I know they have the heart to do. I am a very friendly person and I like to help others. If you ever want advice on animating, drawing, or you just need someone to beleive in you, I am here. Add me to your favorites and I will have your back!

Honestly, though, I am only a mediocre creator compared to some of the awesome creators here on hatena. I am actually more of a painter than a sketch artist or illustrator--if I could post some of my paintings on here, I would be very happy.

Have a nice day :)