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Greetings yooung traveler of my dwelings. My name is Indigo. And I will be guding you through this vastly entertaining tour of unimaginably philiosophical adventures of blissfully complex scales of high densifies intelectual magnitute.

First, you must get out, suck a beaver's scrotum, and be on your way kind ma'am or sir ^^

I'm a very mysterious person because my mind is.....lets say special. I'm not retarted or anything, I'm just very different from the average person. It is EXTREMELY HARD to impress me, but I often find myself lying about my feelings, to spare the feelings of others. I enjoy japanese music above all other types, I do not belive in religeon, because to me, it's just something to label, and chain you down to one mind state that is equal to the other people in that mind format. This interferes with my free spirit, and personality. I havn't watched an american cartoon in about a year, because I find japanese animation to be more full of emotion and to contain more complex story lines.

My favorites are:

Gurren lagann


Ao no exorcist

Hyakka Ryouran

and 07-ghost.

Your first thought may be: "um.....naruto is good too"

in my oppinion, naruto is a bit too mainstream, and it is not the only "action packed anime" in the world.

I aam an artist. but I have alot of problems when attempting to draw on the dsi due to the screen being made of plastic rather than paper. So I resort to investing my time in the ever so boring world of sprite making.

I'm a very peaceful person, and it is EXTREMELY difficult to upset me in any way at all. However, due to a few mental issues, my personality tends to flip alot.... I could be a horridly revolting pervert of a man, and then quiet, calm, and propper the next. I could be ever so grace ful and gentle with my words and thoughts, and then suddenly, I get a violent surge though my mind causing me to act mildly irregular. I enjoy making friends, and I may very well be one of the nicest people you will ever meet. You'll understand after having a serious conversation with me. anyway, I believe I have leaked out enough to let you know 12 percent about me, and still be a small mystery. ^^ see you around.~