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OK. let me sraighten things owt.



This is a sequel to PM:TTYD.Mario has lock grodus and beldam in the thousand year door. Beldam some how gets out and is trying to recover the new crystal stars to free grodus * the other ones shattered* and beldam and doopliss search for the crystal stars and rosalina revives geno and gives him a paper-up and sends him down to petal medoows as mario and vivian*all the other partners left after it was over* and gives them the update. not spoiling anything else



Custom mallow:2/3 done

others:???????? not revealing here.



Ok. im going to be releasing ep.2 of my series when i get ALL the sprites i need...... k? PLZ post to my channel. IMPORTANT!: I RLLY NEED PAPER MALLOW PLZ MAKE HIM AND NOTIFY ME ABOUT IT. THX. ok.thx!!!!!!!! PEACE OWT! ~Ray