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Hai. My name is Lena. I'm French and i live in Paris. I like to listen Srillex, Rammstein, System of a Down ..

My Official Character ! :

Names: Ellie Tally Borgia Rosenrot

Age: 16

Status: Married

Species: Angora Cat.

Weapon: Rosa & Angel (Her 2 guns.)

Theme: SeeU - Hide & Seek

Powers: Fire & Darkness

Mother: Nathalia Rosenrot.

Father: ?

Nationatlity: French(+) & Slovenian.

Favorite Food: Lemon pie ! ♥

Story: She was born in Paris in 1996, her father left when she was 4 months he is never returned. Her father had started the war of Darkness and her, she always looking. Over the years she grew, she is 4 years old when her mother died of liver cancer. It is enclosed a home for mental insane. She decided to flee to escape death. It is sought across the world. When she was 14, they canceled the search. She pursued her passion in fashion. She was married at 15 years with Evil. At 16 she moved to Paris. She was chosen for the project Darkness. It there's five years she has stop the project and works as Eater of souls.

My Friends:

MelodyTia, Emmy, Vicky, Susi, Saphira, Susana, Vicky, Tilly, Allison, Esther, Packy, Invader.Zaï, Huiriu, Danie, Penny, Lady Rose, Diamond, Syluck, Hanabi, Dark Snow, Penny, Zazu, Darkness, Flavia, Kymba, Lady Lazy ...

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Lena Tally Amelie Jeanne Mc.G Gracner






3 August

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French And a Little bit English