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Check out my channel "Elkin's Characters And Chats" for a list of my characters.

I am an 11 year old girl, and I am obsessed with cats. I draw really well with paper and pencil, and I am still good on the DSi. If you like my art- check out these three people for TOTAL epicness:

Wafflez (id:Kiera19)

Fire Soul (id:savannah21)

I have been here since September 27, 2010.

I have an iPod Touch, and to friend me in Game Center just search EJSkat. I have an Xbox 360 with Kinect. I have a 3DS I have a wii. I have a DSi XL.

To contact me personally, email me at

Say you are from flipnote Hatena in the email.

Bye, hope you have a nice life!

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My DA:


Should I start a new RP group of the new species I'm making? I really want to but I don't know how many peopl would enter.

Marmorea Guild Needs More Entries NOW