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yo im blackout also known as

"that we.ird guy who goes on about machines and always gets involved"

i have a decidedly philisophical streak and i know a LOT about particle physics and chemistry and it reflects on pretty much everything i do

my friends are up next

abbz you were my 3rd friend i think it was? anyway you're a chara factory to say the least XD

Redcat you were my 4th friend your modem h8s you but thats about all that does everyone else loves you on here

ALX the first person i met on here

and your just plain strange at times and half your comments make me think you want me to get arr.ested XD

jeni and chip you two were possibly

the most mismatched pair on here

one ins.ane beyond reason the other level headed we miss you both

J:D you made my current icon and we're mutual friends for a bit we dont talk much but your good for advice

more but i cant remember XD

random aquaintances


ravin ryan



(plenty more but im drawing a blank atm)

highest rank ever for me is 166

my charas

havik(david) and jenny

a brother and sister and my original charas havik is his most common name, after the name of the mech suit he needs to survive after his school was she.lled in 2073

over the years he constructed it and joined the peoples volunteered mili.tia to take on the commondant

jenny however is a pacifist and owns a agricultural production unit (farm) outside of the citadel

oddesy and blackout

this pair are crystalline humanoids from the deep sea they are both terrachs (crystal men)

their story is that after the commondant took over and started the oil drill projects the pressures which created them in the deep sea and the volcanoes that created the heat for their peoples evolution changed after the drill rupt.ured

they litterally strolled up the beach and started sm.ashing up everything they could see because they are about as mentally evolved as cavemen never encountering mankind before