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Hello, everyone~ My name is Doki. I will try my best on Hatena. I just joined on March 31, 2012. My best friend on hatena is Kiki. Shes my childhood friend. We call eachother cousins though. Im 14 years old. Kiki's 12 so people always call her cute amd small...We go ro the same school. ANYWAYS, I love the color red and Im called a shota alot. IM NOT A SHOTA! I love K-pop and vocaloid. 2NE1 is amazing. I like Apink too. My favorite vocaloid is Rin Kagamine. She's so cute. I also like Len. Len and Rin make a good couple. Im filipino/korean. Well, thats it. BYE BYE. -Doki