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This all started long ago, with a little story I created. I didnt expect anything to happen at all. The flipnote took me all night and once I finally finished, I nearly passed out from exhaustion. When I woke up, I found the flipnote having MANY more stars then I couldve ever imagined. Overjoyed, I spilled the next one out that very night. That christmas break of 2009, I created a series that would change my reputation on hatena as we know it.

I began to become stressed, annoyed, and buried in the very high demand for new flips. I was running out of ideas, time, and faith. Eventually, when I felt all was lost, I left. It was probably the stupidest idea I have ever made and I still regret the choice today. That was when I left my first account, Red Dino, behind.

I remember scrolling through dozens of flipnotes about me. Everyone as surprised and confused of my dissapearence. I began creating new flipnotes under a new account. Of course, many of my old fans found me. I began to become strangely okay with that..untill IT happened.

I was becoming really popular on hatena (once again) thanks to my adoring and loyal fans. But my friends were not acting very well. Although the majority of them supported me through any of my choices, some began to become tangled in pointless and irritating drama. I was concerned, but didnt want to leave my friends again seeing the damage I had caused before. Finally I did leave.

Several months passed.

I joined again, but I was unable to return to my famous account. With the name Affliction, the account still stands today, completly untouched. I will never be able to use it again, and every time I trun on my DSi XL, it mocks me. But, I have grown okay with it. I think someday I will become famous again. This time, I wont be leaving untill the need to draw and entertain the world fades.

In honor of my old account and the huge improvment ive made through these years, I have named my account Red Dino.

Please enjoy my flipnotes, every single one contans hard work, concentration, time, and thought. Dont call me a star begger if I ask for stars and dont say im begging for attention if I ask for comments. the reason I do these things is because I care about how my art grows and the way people view it. Also, please ignore grammar mistakes.

Thank you for your time.