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Welcome to Mikey1657 studios!

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Mike the Mii Drawer

Welcome to Mikey1657 studios!

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Hello my peeps and pals. I am Mike the Mii Drawer, that average every-day creator that has a HUGE obsession with the Professor Layton series. It's the BEST series ever, and it will always be my favorite series, no matter how old it will get. I like using my Mii character in games, it looks like as if I was sucked inside a game.

Hatena Info:

Gender : Male

Birthday : January 25

Likes : Muffin breads, being popular, Miis, Professor Layton games, hanging out with friends, voice chatting, making games, and epicness.

Dislikes : Inappropriate content, stealers, bad audio, school, pirate games, backstabbers, social studies, and being ingored.

Best Ranking: 6

My achievements:

Get at least one flipnote popular (Complete[thanks to my Gernade flip!])

Get 100 fans (Complete)

Get 500 fans (Incomplete)

Get 1000 fans (Incomplete)

Get 10000 fans (Incomplete)

Earn a red star (Incomplete)

Earn a blue star (Incomplete)

Earn a purple star (Incomplete)

Get 100000 stars in one flipnote (Incomplete)

Get a total of 300000 stars (Incomplete)

Make 20 friends (Incomplete)

Get 100 comments on one flipnote[chatroom dosen't count] (Incomplete)

Get faved by FleesVeon (Complete)

Get faved by Zlargy (Incomplete)

Get faved by midoiiro (Incomplete)

Get faved by sb_1_2_9 (Incomplete)

Be ranked #1 (Incomplete)

My friends:




Mr. Grif(?)

C-Y0$heh(he quit... ono)

D◆:GH(from the Europe region)

Skyla (Skysis ewe)



UPDATE: If Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney really is staying in Japan, then I will consider making it into a series. I'll try, however, because Japanese is the hardest language in the world. :O

Have fun here. But no too much...

Also, check out my other accounts!

deviantART: Mikey1657studios

Colors! Gallery: Mikey1657studios

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January 25th


Drawing, playing videogames, listening to music, animating


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