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Wow this is just the first time I update this!


Hello I'm MsMetaFan

a girl who's not like others her age...

REALLY not like the others...

Lol if my flips had a rating it would be


So back off little kids...


I play the electric bass

I really love it...

I have my own and call it B.loody Mary...

I am very interested in

Upright Bass though

I went to a jazz concert

And saw an Upright Bass...

I fell in love...

I also do abit of poetry.

I have poetry class with a great teacher

Hasan Malik

He's been on HBO before!!! XD

Anyway,the main reason I'm here is to show my animations and artwork! I have to practice more on art because my heart belongs to it...

For I want to grow up and live in a career of entertainment...

I want to make ppl laugh and cry at my animated films and animated television series.. yeah, living the life XD


I hope you're not some hater that hates on me and is just a nice perso

n who watches and

enjoys my flips!

Omg, I've made creaator ranking #5 :D

I love you guys...that's the highest I've ever been!


Omg my highest is now #2 :D