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I need some new friends TwT


Hey there~

I'm Fire-Shiell, as you can see xD

... Or can you? ;)

Oh, and its NOT Fire Shell. Its Shiell. You say it like "Shy- ell". :U


My old account name was Lunarclaw, drop me a message if you remember me ;w;

Here is some info about me:

Name: Kasumi

Nicknames: Lunar, LC, Claw, Lulu, Rue, Kas, Mimi *1

Birthday: 19th of January

Age: 14...

Grade: 10th *2

Likes: POKESPE :D, Legend of Zelda, Adventure Time, Ib, pigs

Dislikes: My art, people who can't spell a single word right *3, people who claim animals/hair/clothes etc. etc. for ocs, people who don't reply and/or ignore me for no reason*4

  • SOME of my Sonic ocs:

Ace the cat

Ashes the fox

Solstice the fox

Raincloud the moth

Blitz the fox

Shermaline the moth *5

Coal the winged fox

Yua the fox

Kasai the angel hedgefox

Sorzi the hedgefox

Ihai the fox

Periculum the spirit sn@tch3r

Tiarnami the fox

Caelum the angel hedgehog

Inferi the demon fox

Ayaka the tiger

Sin the demon fox

Talon the demon fox/tiger

Zeon the fox/tiger

Nadel the fox

Kurai Yoru the fox

Somnium the fox

Mitsuki the kitten

Cinders the hedgehog

Suzu the fox

Klami the white tiger

Voltage the hedgehog

Shard the echidna/bat

Darkleaf the fox

Future the fox

Bonestrike the wolf

Anna the illusionist cat

Simon the illusionist cat

Paratyl the deer

Kami the lamb

Regae the caracal

Yoko the mouse

Misihinag the leopard

Marigold the hybrid

Dusk the hybrid

Skywing the roc *6

Anuglacis the hybrid

Cleo the wolf

Airi the rabbit

Smear the koala

Disaster the coyote

Flight the dragon

Shioyon the echidna *7

Mountain the chameleon

Claws the ferret

Wind the ferret

Miyako the cat

Solar the ocelot

Lunar the ocelot

Zoe the lynx

Sheina the lynx

Myrror the fox

Trianna the fox/cat

Pamelui the cat

Myu the fox

Sakaie the fox/cat

Memory the mouse

Streak the fox

Fallon the echidna

Sage the wolf

Havoc the cat

Kory the hedgehog

Nara the chinchilla

Vee the bat

Amaya the wolf

Mika the hedgehog

Papyrus the dream fox

Alexandrea the seal

Vinetwirl Springbot


A couple others:

Shamana *8

Amber *9

Xii *10

Aryitia *11

Sachio *12 Sachio is my first main male oc TwT omggg


I HAVE NOT TAKEN ANYBODYS IDEAS FOR OCS. I have photos and videos with the date that they were made. And that was before I came onto Hatena *13. Claim me of "stealing from you" and your scr3w3d.


Some other stuff....



  • Can you add me?
  • Whats the song?
  • Unlock?
  • Are you stealing from me?
  • _- Those question p!ss me off. I repeat, DON'T. ASK. :U

See ya around (:


*1:I don't mind any of these, just don't call me Kasumi :U

*2:skipped the 8th grade

*3:example: Hey thr htna hw r u im ged lolol tht ws fun wsnt it

*4:therefore, I have a goal to answer all my comments C:

*5aka Sharma

*6ROC not ROCK

*7:formerly Inshoyo

*8:Keroro oc





*13:well, most of them....

*14as of October

*15:not bf/gf

Full name

Kasumi Last-Name-Is-Unknown






The 19th day of January

Blood type

Idk to tell the truth


Eating :D


YOU STALKER??? ... I'm homeschooled ewe

Place of residence


Place of birth



Writing, drawing, talking, etc. etc.

Special skills

Being paranoid....


Japanese, German, Spanish, English

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YouTube tornsoul17


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