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Okay's my second account is fully active now...well, okay, I'm sydney, but you can call me, Miya, Nina, or Sydney only thous three >.>''

i'm bored so i'm goning to name my o.c's off the top of my head and that i mostly use, Nina Rose (hedgehog, mother of 5) Miya The Fox (obvously a fox, mother of 3, 2 are twins), Mist Rose (Nina's little brother, resently broght back to life), Nora (hedgehog, She would be Anti-Nina, but they are best friends now), Haruna (fox, and was captured and now lives in the tribe that captured her, and sis now married to her husband Daram, after running from the tribe, back to the city). James (hedgehog, happily married, with 1 child). Midnight and Jason Rose (Both nina and Mist brother's. they love to annoy Mist) Nastia Rose(the last liveing sister of nina, she is very close with Nina). Cato the Cat ( he h-ates fighting, and one of my 'smarter' o.c's. Finnick The Cat, (Cato's twin but is the exact oposit of Cato, which means he's an idiot) and last but not least Kiro, (he is a fire deamon but still acts complettly normal and James's brother, but can k-ill anyone with just the thought of it),

I'm hardly on my hatena, so if you need me, you can find me on my D.A. Account, RANDOMCHICKsydney45, or Face book, Miya TheFox