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Yeah I'm A 13 year old girl who is just really bored and gets on here casually. I am in the 7th grade (not for long though) with all regular classes but math.... yeahh I'm accelerated in math :/ I had a chance to be in accelerated reading while in 6th grade, but I decided it would just be too much pressure to have at least an 85 in each subject be the end of the day. (Yes, for us an 85 is barely passing.) But if I get another oppurtunity to be in accelerated reading or writting, I'll join the class. I read at least one book every two days. I love to read. I'm Mexican and proud. My favorite food is cott98lkkkkkk sorry my kitten stepped on the keyboard. My favorite food is cotton candy. My favorite color is red, my favorite bands are Foster the People and Linkin Park, Favorite TV SHow: Adventure time :D I don't have anything more to say anymore lol xD bye