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Well I Think I Really Need To Let Out Some Emotions On This So Yea :D

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Well I Think I Really Need To Let Out Some Emotions On This So Yea :D

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Monica. (:

Your Future Bestie. (:

Amazing. (:

LOVE. <3

Your Evil Twin. :D

I Love Mekhail<3, Henry<3,JoscleynMyMadNinjahSkilledCookiDoughBowTie

AmazingBestestFriendEverr:D<3<3<3,&& Hannah<3!. :D


It's A Pillow, It's A Pet, It's A Pillow Pert.! :D <3

Monica (Urban Dictionary :D)

the sexiest woman on the planet. never see her without peeing your pants. cant help but pop one when you look at her. always laughing and has a smile that makes you poop your pants. but you gotta love her :D

DAMN!!!! look at that sexy monica over there. she is the sexiest woman on the planet.

Another (:Monica

Most AMAZING and beautiful girl ever im sure her boyfriend is extremely happy with her and wouldnt trade her for the entire world someday he will marry her no doubt in his mind this is a girl whose beautiful inside and out whose so sweet and cute that you fall for her in a heartbeat its love at first site with this girl she will redefine love for you shes the best thing any man in the entire world could ever ask for you will learn so much from her and your anniversary should be Sepember 17th itll be your lucky day this girl is usually all smiles and nothin but love usually refers to her boyfriends as googly-bear

That girl is soooo AMAZING her name has to be Monica.



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Your Mom's xD


Itailian, French, && Spainish