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xName~ Kruë

xAge~ 18

xGender~ Female

xMain Character Info ~Kruë~ Kruë is my most recently made character whom is a male of my personal closed species a Reaper. He as well as many others have become my favorites, but Kruë is different. I know Reaper is used often for a species, so to inform I may change the name later on. That being said, Reaper for now is staying.

Name: Kruë

Age: Unknown

Species: Reaper

xReaper Info~

Reaper's are funny characters, they love to play tricks and joke around. They are entities, though not living nor necessarily dead, they're only seen as dark shadows to the living and are rarely seen in their true forms. Every Reaper is stuck between worlds, they've lost their actual bodies but not their spirit, nor do they remember how they died the only clue of their death is by their markings.

New dA: Krue-07

FA: Krue, S.i.K_D.o.G

Last updated: 8/8/2012