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I'm deputy of Moon Clan

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I'm deputy of Moon Clan

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MoonClanWarriors, ☆★Stella★☆


I am a warrior cat and a meow meow meow meow meow meow! I am ShadowMist deputy of moon clan. Our leader is YellowStar. There are so many cats I cant name them all. Please if you cant comment anything nice, don't comment at all. So WE ARE FREAKING MOON CLAN. You can call me Stella if u so desire. I'm kinda weird I mean I enjoy school cause all my friends are there. >ㅂ< I have a lot of pets. Im planning on getting a horse next march. Actually I MIGHT get one. In the mean time I might lease my riding teachers horse name Cruiser. When I get my own horse, if its a boy I am naming it Indian and if its a girl Im naming it Luna. Im like 100% sure no ones reading this but what ever. I like drawing cats. I CAN draw people but I don't like drawing people in flip notes. The screen is smooth u know and it's sometimes frustrating for me. I can actually draw people perfect. Oh ANIME people. I can draw horses perfect too. Actually I draw people and horses better then cats. I can never get the anatomy of a cat just right. I can only draw anime cats. I can draw dragons perfect as well. (im sorry if im bragging) Wolves I can kinda draw. I haven't tried in a long time. I can sing and play the piano at the same time. I'm sorta good at animating. If it's really long I start getting lazy and it dosent turn out to amazing.

Well that's pretty much it.


NOTE: I make animations usually, not icons. But if you see a flip that has the words "Moon Clan Warriors" thats an icon. If it dose not say something like that then its a animation. So yeah I just wanted to put that out there. Also YOU WILL NEVER EVER EVER SEE A FLIP THAT COULD HAVE BEEN A SPIN OFF CAUSE I DONT DO SPIN OFFS!!!


May Star Clan light your path☪


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Stella... My warrior name is ShadowMist







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.... I don't know o.O




Uh a school

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The Moon

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At a hospital


Piano, horse back riding, drawing, sining, etc.

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Piano, horse back riding, drawing, sining, etc.