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To my fans, and everyone else who gave me their moral support for me. I just wanna say, thank you for giving me the motivation I was looking for, in order to keep my head up, and continuing to create flipnotes. I will now say, this account of my is ancient, and no longer exists. On February 25, paid with my money I earned, I went and re-united with a DSiXL, once again. It feels amazing to be back from where I left off. I hope my creations leed me somewhere in life, and i hope i can fill the animated side of Nintendo with laughter. My new account name is WONKA, with a star-symbol next to the "A" I haven't made any flipnotes yet, but when you see one in the future with my new name, you'll know it's me. I won't notify you on this account anymore, cause this will be the last time I'll be on this account.

But before i go, let me just say, I had a great time making flipnotes on here. I met amazing people, with great talent. Junky, if you're still active, let me just say, you did amazing work with your flipnotes, I'm proud of you. Nico Blue, I'm sorry I never made your dedication flipnote. Hmm, just watch out on your flipnote news feed. It might pop up on my other account soon ;) and Katrell, my main Flipnote buddy. I've helped you through your worst. You definitely know how to make someone laugh with your funny jokes. You're a bright kid, man. Don't let nobody bring you down with their negativity opinions. You are, who YOU are. Remember, practice makes perfect. Time, is the keyword. Don't worry about stars. Just makes flips to make people happy. You're a really good kid, Katrell, I'm proud of ya. It hurts me to say, that I gotta go, and leave you behind. Ima miss you bro. Maybe I'll find you again on my other account. I'll be waiting for your new flipnotes, Katrell. But you've been absent for about a year now. Please, for me, come back to us.

Well, that's all for the departure guys. I'll be seeing you on my new account. Stay pure, Flipnoters. You're all the best.