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Edit: I'm still alive. 12/30/2018. 3:11AM

There are a few flipnotes that I'll post when I'm able to.

I think I'll create a YouTube account soon.

I have Minecraft again. I don't play it much anymore.

More info later.

Remind me to post my old self introductions to Hatena Blog or something.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Edit: It's September, 27, 2017.

I guess it's later.

I'm going to erase this 2015 thing and add some stuff here when I have more time later. Until then, I guess here's a shortened version of what I'll say.

I posted some flipnotes with my DSi. Here's that account. Please ignore it.

Almost all of the flipnotes here are also on my new account.

That DSi totally died and doesn't work anymore. My friend let me use his. Here's that account, which I still post on.

Currently, everything posted on my sudomemo account is like 3 years old. Once I get all the old stuff posted, I'll be posting some new things.

I currently don't have Minecraft on this computer.

You can probably ignore the stuff below this.

My brother is Bubba o3o / Bubbaganouche

~ Mushy / Mustard / Mustard 64 / Mustard_64

Edit: It's December 5, 2015.

So, this is the description of my old Flipnote Hatena account. Three years certainly does make a difference. Anyway, since Flipnote Hatena clearly no longer exists, I have no reason to be on here. I didn't create a Club Nintendo account fast enough to get Flipnote Studio 3D, and my DSi is basically completely broken now. I'll probably write more on here if I get bored some time. By the way, I play a game called Minecraft sometimes. I know, you've probably never heard of it. It isn't very popular. The server that I play on most often is the Element Animation server. The ID is []. My username is Mustard_64. I'll see you there, if anyone happens to be reading this. Send me mail or something; I think there's a way to do that. If you've previously known me, tell me you came from Flipnote Hatena. If you didn't, tell me you saw my post on Hatena or something. I don't really care either way; I doubt anyone is going to be reading this. I'll add more things to this later. Bye.

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There used to be stuff down here from 2012.