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uh... hi my names Tia i live in U.S. Mississippi.Im younger than you a big Poke fan.Im in a gifted class:D and im a child artist.I am very addicted to SonicX i watch it like every morning.I am very random once you get to know me.Ive made many friends on Hatena and wish for many more.Im only going to the 6th grade so dont get any dopey ideasXD. Here are my sonic o.c.s:

Christy the Cheetah

Stripes the Tiger

Torture the Mix Breed

Franjesco the Bee

Jamica the Panda

Retro the red panda

D-Z the Wolf

Juniper the Retriever

R-J the SunBear

Razz the komondor

Tia the Angora Rabbit

Jewel the Ferret

Chase the Tasmanian Devil

Dez the Tasmanian Pandamelon

Mekki the kowari

Carcass the Tasmanian Tiger

Glaze the Galah

Skipper the spotted-tail quoll

Guacca the Rainbow lorrikeet

Lucas the spotted cuscus

Rihanna the Goanna

Micheal te brush-tail phascogale

Zay the Sloth

Xay the Tamarian

Maximum the hedgehog

Maximus the hedgehog

Mystic te Hedgehog

Trinity the cat

Fransisco the Bee

Kitten the cat

Ribbon the cat

Joseph the bat

Sparkle the Pit bull

Gennabell the mouse

Techno the Dog

Jr. the bear

Nussie the Rabbit

Rondrey the Mongoose

Ronald the Mongoose

Flutterby the Butterfly

Exelda the Seedrain

Gezelle the Zebra

Burst the Hedgehog

Purity the Panda

Jero the Cobra

Elice the Robot

Faith the Chiauauh

Meadow the Chimp

Princey the Cheetah

Stella the Tiger

and many others!b:3

Well... guess thats it...

Have a nice day