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Hello. I'm Narutofan239.I live in New York and I'm a freshman. I only listen to rock music and I'm short (Lol, random.) I like anime/manga (I own over 70 manga, [72 to be exact]) I also like video games. My all-time favorites are Naruto, Soul Eater, D. Gray Man, and Kuroshitsuji. My favorite manga is Uzumaki (not Naruto-related). I enjoy making flipnotes and work really hard on them so dont steal one and claim its yours plz. Arigato~ :3

Update:I'm so sorry that I'm not posting any flipnotes lately >.< I'm addicting to Gaia and I'm addicted to Pokemon Soul Silver. D; When I have time I'll post flips. If you want to know my gaia it's akatsukifan239. Add me plz :3

UPDATE: i quit bye