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wOW my old profile on here was really weeabooish???


I like Doctor Who and Minecraft and MLP and Chuck and Homestuck and space uvu

I like cute faces u0u

I like Matt Smith's face. I want to kiss Matt Smith's precious face u3u

Amy/Rory is my OTP. I like them

I have an OC named Clara and her whole life is really wibbly because Tumblr.

And I like to make Cthulhu jokes uvu

My best friend is Ashlyn and my twin is Brodi and my sister is Mallory and my wife is Widric

and I like SoBe

Go follow my tumblr- nebulaechaser

Go follow my RP tumblr- books-in-the-tardis

Go favorite my Fimfiction (yes little fillies- FIM!)- ComeAlongPond