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Hehe! gotta re-do this! Everyone at my school calls me alice, or little italy, and they have names to! like, my friend jason is called america! and nathen is germany! cuz of their personalities! some times america calls me lil' il' jacker. cuz i always steal his pencils. XD and why im named little italy or alice, is cuz im short, and they think i have a cute personality! whats that? some loli kinda personality? well i like my nick names! my friends online are usually my actual friends offline, like carol and jonice! my other friends are mmad raven fmad luis devan nanana! XD mmad raven and fmad are all characters of mAd and mAds my friend to!! we're buddehs! :3 i love hatena but im not addicted like most people, hatena is just something that makes me happy. like tacos icecream, movies, pickles, sunshine and rain! im making a series for you guys! its called cocoa powder! hehe, its about bounty hunters! and love is not its drive. its action adventure! iadventures make me happy to! >:D i love going on adventures! i like every one i have been on! even the one were the pirate caption tried to sell me and mmad in a auction! but fmad bought us and saved us! i liked when i had that pet dinosaur! actually i had to role plays were i got to have a pet dino! with devan and with mAd! or the dream potions! or or when we captured that mermaid! but we put her back cuz she wouldnt talk, meanie siren..she tried using her sireny power on mmad, but it didnt work! hehe! of i have trouble with listening my mom says. or well to be in quotes she says "its just goes through one ear and out the other huh daughter of mine" when she says daughter of mine i think thats when she is kidding. colors are hard..... i mean i love them all! but my brother says thats the gay simbol. oh well! i like the rainbow! and i have a sticker word thing in my room that says- "have i gone mad? im afraid so,..your completely bonkers, but ill tell you a secret, all the best people are" its my favoritest quote in the whole wide world! I always get that im a little of the bridge. and i always ask them. "you say that as if its a bad thing" is it? i think all the more interesting people are the ones not intirely in there right mind, or are but there imagination is so big you cant tell! imagination- la la la! i have a faded dogs tagish necklace that says " imagine all the people living life in peace" I love john lennon! i have always loved the beatles, when i was little my mom would put them on and we would listen to them on road trips. some people didnt see it though, cuz i didnt talk about them much XD so carol and joniece, your probobly like - oyu big fat lier! ur just sayin' that! but i aint. i have a friend- no pointin fingers but i know you know who you are :D he loves the beatles, but not just the beatles, but len zepplin andsome guitarist guy who i cant think of his name right now, but he came from england i think and was in a band and came out with an album called are you experianced? ngh!! dangit i cant remember his name! oh i'll just ask my friend later haha! he'll know. i hope. i love combat boots! or boots in general.! i have my zombie boots too! i call them eat your face boots favorite season is spring! cuz its so pretty and warm and rainy! ra ra ra-a-a-a rama ramama gaga olalala XD bad romance is n the radio! oh everytime i hear that song i see light and L its traumatizing! ever since i looked up light and L music videos, im much man on man action what do you call it? its the opposite of yuri...XD i cant remember! hungry now...