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Hi guys im Becca,

and i just felt likee

fillen thiss out!

so yahh <333456 Lawlz

im 12 years oldd i'll

bee 13 on March 13th :P

i am 5"8 and yush i

do believe i am tall

for mah age. uhm.....

i like to beh called

Lily sounds, uhm when

i get enough people for

a band, it's eiether going

to be called Chipmunks

on coffee, or The

sounds of Lily

[My electric guitar's name

is Lily] :3 so yeah

uhm...i got a DSi when

my cousins did because they

told me you could chat

on here and i was

in need of friends so

yeah, but i love hatena, and hate it

sometimes :P

bored so ima go cas

i thinkss thts all ya gotts

know bout me mkaay thankss baii