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Hey! I'm Nicole/Nikki/Zane/Crome! XD Lots of Nick names.

Imma drawer who came outta friggen no where and now I'm here!

I can't really do animated flips right now cause my L and R buttons are broke, so sorry about that. .A.

It's no secret that I suck at drawing, but I'm working on improvements. lol

A lot of my friends have left, but I'll list them any ways.

I really can't think of them all. d:

Ill post a list of some of my O.C's! :D

Zane 23 -Hedgehog-[Female]

Star 15 -Wolf-[Female]

Ice 18 -Hedgehog[Female]

Jane 17 -Cat-[Female]

Crome 17 -Hedgehog-[Male]

Zero 17 -Fox-[Female]

Leon 19 -Hedgehog- [Male]

Galaxy 17 -Artic Fox-[Female]

Aqua 18 -Fox-[Female]

Maria 21 -hedgehog-[Female]

Juliet 17 1/2 -Fox/Wolf-[Female]

Jewel 17 -Faux-[Female]

Light 17 1/2 -HedgeWolf-[Female]

Shane 18 -Cat-[Female]

I'll try to update frequently

Well I'm usually around if ya wanna chat. And I love making new friends, so yeah.

That's all for now. ;)

Self introduction

Well... There is a lot to talk about, but I wont go through it all.

When I was little, I got into fights all the time, and I was always mad.... I wasnt really sure who I was.... When I came to hatena I was a mess, my life was out of control. But I started meeting people, and they were like super cool. And after a while, I had friends. I wasnt mad all the time, I had people to talk to, someone to go to when I needed comfort..

So now Im all about chillen with my friends and improving my drawings.

A few of my friends;

  • Gear
  • Cyber
  • Caze
  • Chay (Eli Fox)
  • Statik
  • Krys (Kristibelle)
  • Carter
  • Mery (Moley Fox)

I hope I got all of them...

My mane chatting place outside of hatena is msn/windows live messenger. (E-mail:

Hmm... Well, some of the basic stuff;

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite food: Pasta

Favorite video game: Super Smash Bros Brawl, Halo Reach

Favorite flower: purple Lilac

Favorite thing to do: Swim

Favorite TV show: Human Target

lol. I am a very odd person. XD

So IDK why, but people always ask me why I get into trouble all the time... Well, its because there is no thrill in being a goody two shoes. XD JK JK!!!

I am a thrill junky though, anything that will pump my adrenalin is what Im looking for.

I LOVE RPs, its like my favorite thing to do when Im sad, bored, or mad. And it sounds girly, but I am the "ROMACTION" type. (Action + Romance = Romaction)

Well, thats all I got for now. Thanks for taking the time to read this long, boring, pointless, random thing I wrote. ^-^'