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I, hate the rain and sunny weather..

And i, I hate the beach and mountains too. boo hoo.

And I, dont care about the city!

And I, I, I, hate the countryside too!

And I, hate everything about you! Everything about you!

Everything about... I, get sick when im around... I, cant stand to be around.. I, hate everything about you!!

lol Everything About You by Ugly Kid Joe

name: Sammy

sex: Ima girl.

Religion: Atheist!

stat: uhh.. idk. but i love Chrisy. nd im kinda confused w/ 2 other guys. lolz.

fav stuff: uh.... nethIng purple(DarK), ou!, hearts, BLOOD!, Rock music, chats.

HATES: PinK, sparkly stuff, Bugs, CHEATERS!!


well dont mess w/ mi friends.!

LoL Im random nd rlly nice ^^


lol! XP

Tsi Ge Yu I! (ily in Cherokee)