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herro evry one!im Donovan nd i rive in CO nd i wnt to rive in japan cuz im japanese.yah i have 1 sis(alana)nd a mom, a dad nd a dog nd 2 sucha nerd! sum frnds wud say bt Domo,ur awesome,well im a nerd,im obsessd w/ ninjas,im good w/history,i wear ninja shoes insted of regular shoes,i love starwars,nd i love to make lego bt heres the nerdiest,wen i grad. hischool ima join the 501st legion,ur prob like wtf is tht.well the 501st is a star wars orginization tht is a charity club.u dress as anyvillain from star wars n docharity events fo kids ,bdays,make a wish,parades,hospital visits etc.but only ppl who own completly accurate costumes cn join n u must b at least 18.for mo info go to,bt anyways, i love asn things,mychonny,bubbiosity,ninjas.i play taiko(japan drum) drums n piano.well ya thts pretty much me so yah...soyonorra>FT<