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Hi there! I'm Niwi7, my deviantART page is EverythingNiwi. I don't make flipnotes as often...but I might continue. This account is REALLY old...but I'll post some new stuff here. I'm into Naruto, Hetalia, and other anime (I'm not a weaboo...want proof?) Anyways, I'm into VALVE video games as well. I love Spongebob <3 (off topic lol) Please, no trolls or bullies on my page. I know I haven't updated my page in a while...I might not make much more flipnotes, maybe. So, anything you see is REALLY old, BUT you can still add stars :) IF I do make more flipnotes, they will be based off of a anime show called Hetalia. I'm in lvoe with it CX <3

Hey you can leave comments on my flipnotes if you want :) I love reading nice messeges! But if your leaving one, please leave nice ones and don't be a troll ;P