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SUp, I'm NsAnE formerly known as Skullcandy And I'm uhh....Artistic , enthusiastistic(I made that word up btw =], Im 16 years of age and I'm obsessed with Sonic the hedgehog, the world ends with you and brawl.....and skateboarding....and being Epic.....nah Im kidding,But yeah....anyway check out my flips and stuff..

Okay, so I deal with haters every freaking where, I guess im just that awesome, like seriously? cant you just be happy for me? but whatever...

I enjoy drawing, but Im also uber lazy =/ Im just an average kid with above average opinions and I think I express that in my flipnotes. =]

I am currently retired and waiting for Memo(3DS..I may be changing my name as well..

you can message me on fb: http://www.facebook.com/#!/TheWorldClearlyEndsWithThisKid