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Hi my name is Rapidpaw.

Im a 14 year old girl who loves to make new friends :P

Im currently taken

Here are some of my O.cs that I can remember at the moment:

Rapidpaw (she-cat)

Aura (she-cat)

Shine (my ex`s/best friends character)

Lunar (she-cat)

Hauntedpaw (she-cat)

Waterpaw (she-cat)

Blueear (male cat)

Raven (she-cat)

Zero (male cat)

Wasppaw (she-cat)

Phanto (male cat demon)

Darkfire (female dragon)

Nero(male dragon)

Mist (female feline fox)

Icestorm (mystical wolf)

Shadow (demon she-wolf)

Swiftmoon (she-wolf)

Redshadow (male wolf)

Feral (female Shigora)

Ari (female Shigora)

Lilly (female human/demon)

Dameon (male fox)

Kage(Cage)(female demon Wolf)