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Yo(: [Favorite Wordd]

I Am Samantha :D

I Am 15 Years Young :3

Born In Aprill(: The 27th!

I Loveee Giraffes(:

I Love Peanut Butter :O ['Jif' Is My Bestie]

I Like Rap & Pop & Country Music, But That Doesn't Mean I Hate Other Genres, I Just Don't Enjoyy Them As Much(: I Listen To Wiz Khalifa & Paramore When I'm Upset :(

I Live In Indiana :/ Surrounded By Corn Fields :D Soo Much Funn;)

If You Want Me To Notice You {Which Isn't That Hard}...Don't. Say. A. Word, Write One Or Two ;D {Like In A Comment Or Something!}

If You WANT Me To Hate You...

∞Be Rude :) [I Hate "Rude" People, They Are So...Rude!]


I Do NOT Like To *Swear*

It Is Not Lady Like! But I Will, If I Have To :P

I Have Two Ill-Ness'... D':

1) The Bieber Fever ;D


2)Thee One Direction Infection ;O

I Know, I Know...

Very Common In People Under The Age Of 73 <3

But, These Ill-Ness' Are Sick ;) If You Know What I Mean. *Wink* Uh *Wink*



{I Don't Have Pie ;) }

Beep, Beep*

Oh Sweet Baby Jesus!

My Cookies Are Finished :3


I Got Them Out Of The OVEN With Orange Mittens(: But The Baking Tray Was Still Hot D:

Why, Oh, Why!

My Frans(:

<3 Jay Bear

<3 Alex

<3 Mikel...Milk(:

<3 Summer

<3 Gab

<3 Jade

<3 Courtney

<3 Erica

<3 Chris/ Lil' Trake

<3 Dez

If You Are Still Reading [Psh, Doubt It!]

But {Butts Are For Pooing!}, If You

Are You Must Really LOVE Me! [ Say What :O ]

Andd I LOVE YOU, TOO! <3

( By The Way, I Don't Throw That Word Around )

[Wishing] Well, All Things Must End & This Is Ending :(

Oh, Please. Don't Shed A Tear!

P.S. I Love You <3

[ That's A Movie↑]

Less Than 3, Sweetheart <3