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well, i`ll have you peoples kno,i like anime, i love Naruto, my flipnotes i mostly use the akatsuki, [love them :D ] and then lets see... I LIEK PIE. lulz, and, i love all things wonderful and random, >:D like totally x] and i LOVE music... im like going deaf cuz i listen to music EVERYDAY~ <3 but its like awesome techno music [FTW] DUBSTEP IS AWESOME<3 and HardStyle [i`d go deaf with this music. love it so much <3 ]

O_O still here? well..... LETS THROW THE CHEESE!!!!!!!! XD

One last thing....

ME GUSTA. oFTo xD lol


I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER? [come on! be generous at least.... v_v ]

FUS RO DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!

oh yeah I LIKE PLAYING ALL THE VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!! [most of tem like fight or adventure FTW]

Too-da-luuu!!!!!~ (forgive me if this wasnt amusing, i srry.. V_V lol )

SQWADALA!!!!!!!!!!! IM OFF TO THE INTERNET!!!!!!!1!!!!!