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Heeeeey! I'm Fibi as in FEEBEE.I like to draw and sing...and go facebook XD. I started Hatena the first time it came out,but i never got an I.D. I was basicaly a nobody (i could not post)... until like about a year and how many months i finally got a chance to get an i.d. I finally posted flips (yeah!!!! XD).It took me ALOT of years 4 me 2 learn how 2 draw,and trust me it was tireing. After about the time i got my i.d, i got so addicted, my eyes got bad. Whenever i got up its so blurry... you do not want 2 be in my body. i know its all my fault, but i cant stop my love of drawing. On hatena, i have made up my characters.My main o.c is Aoi. He is working for me as an actor. All characters of mine are all actors and actresses i made up. Special characters get to RP. Aoi is always the one acting 4 the RPs due to his love of acting.On most RPs, Aoi is not his own self while on his role. (DUH!!! acting! XD). I have also got to meet new people and there oc's,and we have became friends.

I have now got alot of fans,stars,and my creator rank is really excellent.I have been an idol to some people,and that makes me really embarrassed. I feel happy XD wow! I got alot of friends too :). A tip to be popular is to BELIEVE!!!! learn to draw bro! make up stories that are good, comment on peoples flip saying they did a wonderful flip so u can make friends! make an RP, make a series anything including MVs,PVs,AMVs,AVs,etc! Just beleive,and work your hardest and soon you can become like me XD!!!!

Bye! -Oi,Fibi






drawing and singing..and facebook

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Drawing,and singing