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Im Maqqie(:

Im 14 And A Freshman(:

Im Panse.xual ^-^

Im A Purple Unicorn Named CupCake That Eats Rainbows c; Yuss Im Amazinq ;D <3

Im A Weirdoo ;P

; Post To Mah Channel? Maqqie's Channel<3

; Taken By Mikel<3 O7.13.12<333

"iM Just A Girl...Who iS iN Love With The Most Amazinq, Cutest, Funniest, Nicest, And Completly P E R F E C T [<3] Guy iN The World"<3

; Te Amo Baby(: I Will Always Love You &&' Nothinq Or No One Will Stop Me.<3 My Lucky #13 Works Aqain Cuz iK That This Was Meant To Be.I Love You Till The End Of Time.<3 You Just Make Me Complete.Your All I Ever Wished For &&' More.<3 You Always Have My Heart.You Make Me Feel Like iM The Only Girl iN The Whole Universe.iAlways Tell You iLove You Soo Much &&' That Doesnt Even Describe How Much iLove You <3 .Nothinq Can Explain How Much iLove You &&' Care About You.And iMean iT EveryTime iSay iLove You.You Mean Soooooo Much To Me<3.Every Love Sonq That Comes On My Phone Or On The Radio Reminds Me Of You.<3 Your The Reason Why iKeep A Smile On My Face All Day, Everyday.<3 Your The Best Thinq That Ever Happened To Me.Your My Prince Charminq, My Romeo, My FairyTale, My Happy Ever After <3333 You Will Always Be Mine c: Forever &&'Always

O7.13.12 <3 Mikel &&' Maqqie <3

Lovee ForEver &&' Always <3

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Name: Maqqie Jiminez<3



In The Makinq c;

Well Buhh Baii ^-^