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Re-writing my profile again. So your reading this, expecting to find out stuff about your favorite creator? Well that's obviously not me so go onto hamtaro's page or zaria's or something :B

So anyway~

name: $kylar♪ id:OmegaSM

age: 11 (12 on the 1st August)

Best Friend: Zaria ID: Pablo10

Ranking: was silver now bronze :D :) :I :( ¬

Lives in: Scotland.

Ambition: What? Why'dyou wanna know that? Uh Fiiiiine. Well my parents say it's unlikely I'll ever end up being an artist/animator (they're probably right) and I should do something realistic, so I want to prove them wrong. I want to make animations here for practice and when Im old enough (cuz Imma babeh :B) make animations on Youtube. That dream is a bit far fetched because I suffer from extreme laziness, but I'd rather that than have a job where I have to actually get up! <XD

I used to have an account a while back. "Koopa", you may or more likely not know which I used for actually 3 years. My dsi broke and now Im stuck with my brothers where I suffered to regain stars, fans and comments because, well maybe my flipnotes where a bit sloppy, but gradually Im getting better. Recently I got a huge amount of fans due to a hard worked flipnote I started back in May. If I keep working like that I hope to improve my drawing style, and have some of my fans (who still want to be my fans) recognize me again after 360 of them were lost. I'm not angry at any of you. YOU didn't break my Dsi. and plus I was gone for a while so no wonder I was forgotten, and also I was never really famous. my yeah X3 flipnote way back got on the most popular followed by the 2009 DJ earworm remix but that was about it. I'm glad I can start again though and this time I want to do way better than before.

I'm sure a LOT of you want to be animators too, but not everyone thinks you will. Maybe that's true, maybe you'll see your better at something else. Or your like me and your known for being one of the good drawers in your class and you really think that's what you want to be.

So anyway, yeah I guess that's all I can be bothered to type right now. See perfect example of laziness, oh well. Maybe I'll grow out of it?

See you later!