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IGN=The worst site for reviews, they are very biased.


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I don't normally like having quotes here, but this person said something I really like.

"I feel sorry for the people who dismiss Dragon Ball as just some children's show. I can't stand the people who walk around wearing something with a Dragon Ball design on it without even knowing what it is or claiming to love the series when they've never even seen an episode. I suppose in some ways it shows the impact the series had on our society, but it pains me to see anyone robbed of such a poignant and beautiful series. Kids these days are immersed in a culture where they are pushed to grow up. Cartoons are now about sixteen year olds hanging out at the mall instead of fantastic stories with dynamic characters and intriguing plots, and that makes me sad. Instead of seeing complex relationships (romantic, friendly, family, etc.), they see animated teenagers freaking out about whether or not a boy likes them or what they're going to wear to the Winter Formal, friends talking about each other behind each others backs, and parents being like, totally unfair. This is just one of the many reasons I'm grateful I grew up with DB. Although there were many things I couldn't understand until growing up a bit, I always appreciated the growth and dynamics between the characters of the series"

If you have pokemon black/white and would like to battle ( so long as you don't h@ck), post your friend code on one of my flipnotes and we can battle.

I'm getting back into animating here, so check out my animation profile.