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Hey Guys! I'm 16 yrs. old. I'm a tad bit crazy. oFTo But that's ok, right?

My name is Omeotia (omie) and i deleted all one hundred and eighteen flip notes, all the hard work, to start all over, because certain things happened and Blah....

Anyways. I do mostly draw chibis which i guess is cool, i myself love chibis. I love anime my favorite is Naruto Shippuden! I <3 the Akatsuki! And Madara Uchiha. I listen to all types of music, and no offense i hate country and rap. -_- nuff said.

Asking Alexandria is the best band i've ever listened to I don't know why and i don't care what you people think so please don't say they r stupid or what ever keep it to your self. Thanks. I love plaid. hehehe. I like to be different so i may be too different for people which is ok just tell me and i'll leave you alone, i don't get offended easily i really don't care XD