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Yes!!! I have 5,000 views 10,577 stars

1, 111 stars from EvanSG Evan if you're reading thank you so much


5 green stars: no

15 green stars :no

1 red stars:no

5 red stars :no

1 blue star. nop

1 purple star absafreakinlutley notFaved by E-dude :no

Faved by EvanSG :no

Faved by squirt :no

Faved by Sokko :no

Faved by shotgun :no

Faved by grenade :no

10 fans :amazingly yes

20 fans :3 more then yes :)

50 fans :no

100 fans:no

Bronze citizenship yes

Silver sitezenship :nop

I'm gonna tell some jokes!

dude you're fat *it runs the family*dude no one runs in you're family.

dude did you lose something*no *I thought you lost your mind now I realize that you're just crazy.

ok don't have much now if you have one you can submit in the comments of anyone of my flipnotes db sincerely... Optimus379 [I wanna give a shout out to :comiX E-dude, EvanSG, squirt, Sokko, T-legacy, Scribbler, and grenade]