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for those that want to keep in contact,

feel free to talk with me on Deviantart: i will be way more active then i'll be here now. I LEAVE!

i will not post flips.

i will not make you icons.

i will not enter competitions.

i will not accept tags.

i will leave.

i will keep an eye on my messages. i want to talk and have contact with my friends here, but i just don't post anymore flips because my style gets stolen alot. i'll post one flip explaining the situation and then i will be permanently inactive. if any of my friends want to stay in touch, feel free to look me up on DeviantArt. i gave my page in the link on top of this description.

Hatena ruined alot of my chances and ideas for the future. i won't forgive all the filth that copied others hard work and stole others creations and ideas. good creators leave because they don't want their creations to be harmed and touched by strangers. to me my creations are like children. i won't allow anyone to harm or touch them. that's why i and many others with the same reason leave.

i never cared about stars or any other form of popularity. i always acted kind to anyone except for some of the copiers that showed me no respect and treated me like i am nothing, calling me names and thinking they are above all others. all i ever wanted was to make people proud and happy by showing them the only thing i can do good, drawing. though, they lost my trust in them. they turned their back on me. i gave them so many more chances, but it all turned out the same in the end. while i was on breaks they thought they had their chance and copied alot. when i said something about it they simply laughed and called me names, acting like they were the best of all people and like no one was as great as them. (i swear i never said a mean thing, i told them i'd report them if they didn't remove the copy, but never called them names!)

i respect people, but if anyone shamelessly steals ideas, characters, styles and entire flips without a decent change you have lost my respect. and to be called names by a mere thief is like getting spit in the face and being stabbed trough your heart with a knife.

also, alot of people changed due to the popularity crazyness. what's a name? it means nothing to me. it doesn't change who i am. what's the deal with wanting to be popular? i can tell you it's not that much, most people on Hatena never even saw your face, calm down. if you thinking you're on the highest mountain you'll fall off even harder. get your head ot of the clouds and set your mind on something better. being here just ruins your motivation. it's not original here anymore. this place died out.

the people here let me down too many times.

to all of my dear friends: i'm not leaving you guys, only the filth taking over Hatena. i swear i will check my messages and try to answer you. but you have to understand i'm sick of this mess.

it has been fun for as long as it lasted, but i have to say goodbye now.

don't try to become popular. it will only give you more trouble. people expect you to work more, copy you more and will cover your name with filth. trust me, i know.

i don't hate Hatena. i hate the people that ruined it.

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Amber Klop




not telling =3=


29 September

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how should i know :S i think it was B-


drawing, drawing, drawing, playing guitar, animating, drawing...

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normally i speak Dutch, but on hatena i speak mainly English. (bad English XD)