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ill be your friend.

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well about the year 2008 i had like no game system to play with. so me and my brother wanted a DS lite but we didn't have enough money. we saved up and we both got a red one. they both broke my sister took my brothers DS and shoved toys in it then it broke. my gran father left my DS in the freezing cold in the car. so about a year later 2010. I wanted a dsi so i told my gramma that. so she told everyone that i needed money to save up for one. One month later i was at my moms and yes i do live with my gramma i was at my moms and my gramma came so my unkle Kent could go food shopping. on the way there i was told that im going to get a DSI now so when we were there i got the DSIXL instead so when i got back at my moms house i tried all the tools and gamesand flipnote studio i made lots of cool flipnotes then when i got internet i tried flipnote hatena i loved it. my favorite person on it is silentwolf.

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