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S'up? My name is Jeremiah Tudor i live in... whoa, wait. No... i'm not telling you... so, i live in the sewers. i enjoy art (im DEFFO better at drawing in real life- i hope... ^^')

yusss... i like writing, drawing and sleeping (oh yeah....LOL) yup... i dont really listen to music, but if i had a fav, it is rock. dont worry, im not an emo kid..... ha ha ...ha... *koff* ..... die... well at least i hope im not...

i hate-



not sleeping

long tv ads

nuts(except hazelnuts)

chocolate makes me feel sick if i eat too much, but i still lurve it (lol)

as a boy, it wierd that i dont like outdoorsy stuff, but i am a masterclass at swimming and dodgeball.

i like science (thats a bit of a lie lol) and saying lol (lol :P)

i guess im running out of things to say, so... c-ya!


(i also like drawing those smileys!)