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I'm new to Hatena. And hope to become a good creator and spread the word that HAT MAN is the best stick figure ever!!

Heh heh. To think I wrote that many ago.

UPDATE!!!! 6/1/13

Well, I don't know how you're reading this, because if you don't know; Flipnote Hatena has discontinued its services. It's sad because even know I wasn't active there anymore, it was still fun, it's where I felt loved and where I got my username I use for everything now. XD But anyways, flipnote Hatena will always be a fond and precious memory to me, but its a shame to see it go. But hey, it was my childhood. Thank you to all of the people who Favorited, added stars etc for me. I thank you for creating my childhood from the ground under. I might join flipnote 3ds, if they get rid if the fee. But no matter what, it will never be the same.

Until our paths cross again,












Random seasonal names:

Halloween: ZombieZeus

Winter/Christmas: FrostZeus

Random: God=Zeus

Random 2: Just Zeus

Random 3: LOL Zeus

My best: Bandi-Zeus

Recieving fans: ###FanZeus


UPDATE ALERT!! where they were before it ended

Welcome to the Sprite set of this description. Here are progress and upcoming sprites:

Tails Doll: 53%


Hyper Shadic: CANCELED ON 11/21/11

Super Diementio Pixel art 26%

Hatman: 5%

SSJ Goku: 30%

Yugi: 7%

Crash: 5%

Percentages are not to scale. They aren't accurate*

Upcoming sprites:


My new Zeus Sprites site: http://spritesbyzeus.webs.com/

Become a member or at least check there and see it's AWESOMENESS!! it's dead so, yeah.




Changing everyday...

Thank you Flipnote Hatena, for everything you gave to me.