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Hello! I am PaintedShadow, but you can call me Painted or Shadow. I am new to Hatena and I hope I make a lot of new friends!

My Goals;;

25 fans

50 fans

100 fans!

1000 fans!!!

My Wonderful, Amazing Friends ;3;;



Ask if you want to be one, I'm always looking for new friends ;3








kitCAT ìuí

doku usagi


My OCs;;

Peyton - Peyton is a small white she-wolf with a faint black chest. underbelly and her right ear outside is also coloured black. She has reddish eyes. Her fore left paw is black, while her right is red. Peyton is shy, timid but also brave and courageous. She does have a tendency to lash out at some wolves though. She was born in her father's pack, but after a fire broke out and destroyed it, she ran away and became a loner.

Soul - Soul is a medium-sized white male wolf with a black muzzle area and chest. The back of his neck is gray and his eyes are red and gray. Soul is outgoing and brave, but he also has a shy, careful side to him. Soul and Austin are best friends.

Austin - Austin is a white male wolf with black and gray eyes. His bangs are gray and fade into his pelt colour. Austin is fun-loving and doesn't stop something till he feels he should stop. He also is not afraid to speak his mind, whether it gets him in trouble or not. Soul is his best friend.

Painted Shadow [Shadow] - A dark gray she-wolf with black fore paws and a red paint splotch beside her left eye. Her tail tip is red, and she can also paint with it, but only in the red ink. Her eyes are red, with a black ring. Shadow is easily frightened. She jumps at small noises. But she is very calm most of the time. She is shy, but loves a good conversation.