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hey★ its ali here or some off you know me as DV

so lemme tell u bit bout myself


i get annoyed when someone comments on something and the same person comments on it again and the cycle goes on...

i lovee to draw and dance

i also play quite a few string instruments

i do piano and sing lala

i have a HUGE hatena family





auntie:cannibal and supalexi★

i also have 3 children:kiki,julii, and pika

so yah i wanna thank all my fans and friends who believed in me<3 u guys r apart of my life noaw I love you guys ^^

if u want to post anything that u want me to see post it at alice's retarded channel

700 fans woah....i thought i was gonna only get 5 fans when i started hatena

highest ranking 129

yah ty so muchos i love you guys

if i didnt answer any of ur qtns feel free to ask

my friends on hatena:

Kuroi★Kage id:ShiningWolfFang

Anti id:lost0n1ce

Yumiko id:missyumiko

Cheal20^u^ id:Cheal20

banned id:EmoandKawaiiPoptart

Dark•Angel id:Uma-Angel

Vault Boy id:BADzombie7

Juliibear id:wrldchangr

ShadowFang id:multishadow

bennett id:TheFlipnoteDude

Mark^.* id:mw12311998mjw

creepy id:helen31

DarkSparks id:SkyShine

Nina id:harrypotterfreak4


Radiance id:Antrulez

らh@わ◎w LF id:leapordfang

fuh u alex id:creamy_danny

Ne○nBunnie id:NeonBunnyLovesCake

Teru id:AnimationCity

[Valeria] id:XxScene_KissesxX

yeah thats most of them sorry if ur not on here just ask if i know you

if you wanna be my friend just ask im open to new friendships^^