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It's pretty unpredictable what my status would be. I'm still here, for more than 2 1/2 years it'll be 3 years in August.

Hi my name is Andrew. I am 17 years old who basically plays video games, hangs with friends and just does what a ordinary kid does on a regular basis. I've been on Hatena for over 2 years I'm a old user for American regions. I'm one of the first to join Hatena, but I deleted my older flips since. It was violating the rules for violent content. I know what Hatena has become, from good to bad to worse, I've seen it all and you ruined the fun of flipnote making. Anyways I own a Youtube account it's Panther5896 so look me up. And I had a theme of making bolded stick figures which then I grew tired of being worthless after a while so then I drew better pictures, which the changed has did some good for my flipnotes, but not a huge, huge change, but thanks for the help and supports everyone.

I joined Flipnote Hatena August 13, 2009 first day of it's release, in the morning. Ehh who knows I may have been the first American to join Hatena, lol doubtful but the possibilities... Pretty Unlikely... I can probably say one the first 50. It's amazing how I'm still here after all this time since most have left for good which makes me sad since, Hatena gone from Good, to bad, to worse, to a animation nightmare. Now let me say my opinion on how I felt on what's it's become. I like to just point out... Way to go people who started this tragic now gotten a lot of people on it, and bad advice was given. Way to ruin it... You made people greedy, begging for worthless stars, bullying, abusive reporting, demands, relationships, drama, stupidity, chat rooms, copying, spin-offs, descriptions, relying on popular users, quitters, complainers, scams, flipnote updates , pointless flipnotes, unfinished flipnotes "Just post it when it's done!" The list goes on. But hey I made some good friends for the past few years on Hatena, alot of goods have happened for my time here. I got some fame before, but now.. Meh, I don't care. I enjoy it either way. So yeah.. That's all I can tell you about my 2 years in Hatena.

Systems I own. I own a 3ds, DSi, Wii, PS3, GBC, Sega Genesis, Playstation, Playstation 3, N64, Xbox, and a Xbox 360. I used to own a Sega Saturn, SNES, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS, and a Gameboy Pocket.