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"Tears and ashes fall like rain from hell"

My dark prince stole my heart,

Killed it with a poison dart;

His cynical laugh in my head,

To death my dark prince was led.

I loved him with all i could,

Never give him enough, i would.

I love you, my dark prince.

Im so depressed right now....thinking bout quitting again.


Umm lets see..... My name is Blair Akira Kobayashi, I'm 15, my favorite color is red, and

Im a Texans fan. If I could marry a famous person it would either be Cody Rhodes from WWE or Eric Balfour from Haven. My favorite videgame is MW3 and my favorite anime is Soul Eater Im a really girly girl but Im tough sometimes. Oh! And my favorite song in the world is Let It Die by Foo Fighters. Heh, i tend to ramble on and on........