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Oh My Goshh. Hatena wat has happened to u? Scams star beggers and... False Reporters. I just got fr for the 2ND TIME! lost my first citzenship. U no y ppl hav never made it past sliver citizenship, I think u no. I just HATE THESE PPL. Mai gawsh. I dont think i EVER posted anything at least considerably bad. Well. Im depressed. I might be quitting. Thanks to u n00bs. Just as i was SO close to my goal of 50000 stars and 500 favs. Thank u. H8ters u all SUC(K) update!: im not quitting! so yeaa. well baiis! ohh and you idio(t)s stop false reporting me becuz ill report u. ^^ baiis! Alllsoo... Erika* umms, can you check out my icon flip of the mario, i drew it 4 u so u wouldn't lose motivation on my request and other ppls request! P.S. Erika* my request was mario with a luma with a blu backround! oteeys! bai! dB